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About Stanton Scientific

Stanton Scientific is the Vacuum Science Specialist to industry and scientists throughout Australia and New Zealand since 1986.

Bypass multinationals

Stanton Scientific provides freelance support to customers throughout Australasia so is able to source components and support products directly from manufacturers. Indeed, these manufacturers have appointed Stanton Scientific as their distributor and representative across the region. This means that when you deal directly with Will B Stanton, he is able to negotiate discounts directly with manufacturers and guarantee highly competitive quotations.

Decades of experience

Will B Stanton has many years of experience in customer support for multinational companies having been the Australian product specialist for Hewlett Packard Mass Spectrometers (now Agilent), VG Mass Spectrometer systems, and Abbott bichromatic analyser and gamma analysis systems.

Based around this technical experience, Stanton Scientific can source components and support products such as electron multipliers, vacuum gauges, feedthroughs and other specialised products and software.


Scientific Instrument Services

In addition to the very broad range of Vacuum Science, Thin Film and Surface Science products, Stanton Scientific are also your local representative for Scientific Instrument Services who manufacture instrument parts for scientific instrument companies. Their speciality is filaments for mass spectrometers, x-ray equipment and other instruments utilizing a filament heater or emission wire. Custom design and manufacture of filaments and other specialised products such as direct insertion probes, GC/MS and cryotraps is available for instrument manufacturers or small research/production facilities.

Vacuum Systems components and accessories

Stanton Scientific has the broadest range of vacuum system supplies. Our supplies range from SPM control systems , valves , vacuum gauges, feedthroughs, pumping systems down to o-rings, copper and gold gaskets, vacuum oils, diffusion pump oils, ion gauge tubes, and vacuum components.


Mass Spectrometry

Stanton Scientific is the exclusive Australasian distributor for Scientific Instrument Services (SIS). SIS specializes in products for mass spectrometers. Services include mass spectrometer filament repair, gold gasket fabrication, vacuum flange repair and other custom instrument parts repair. As distributor for SIS we supply a wide variety of products for mass spectrometers including: jet separators, electron multipliers, gaskets, ion gauge tubes, valves, filament and heater materials, o-rings, sample vials, cleaning supplies, books, calibration compounds and much more.

Will B Stanton
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