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Pleased to be working in Collaboration
with Accuratemass

Accurate Mass Scientific is the preferred choice for specialised mass spectrometry equipment and parts. We are also ready to assist you with any mass spectrometry related queries or sample analysis.


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We supply systems, assemblies and components as used in world class instrumentation and equipment providing analytical, research and production facilities alike to meet the most state of the art requirements.

Stanton Scientific is the exclusive Australasian distributor for the NIST Mass Spectral data base.

Mass Spec. Support products

Stanton Scientific is the exclusive Australasian Distributor for NIST Mass Spec. data base, Wiley Science Mass Spectral data bases.


We also represent Scientific Instrument Services NJ USA (SIS) authorised distributor for Detech electron multipliers.

Surface Science and Thin Film Deposition

Stanton Scientific is the exclusive Australasian representative for for RHK with their leading edge cryogen free SPM system.

We are also Australian distributor for Advanced Energy thin film deposition power supplies.

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